Area Attractions

Pittsburgh is a center for the arts, sports, and education. The Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau would be happy to inform you about things to do and see.

We are organizing two group tours:

  • On Friday afternoon, there will be a guided visit to the Carnegie Museum of Art in the Oakland neighborhood (between the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University). We will tour their newly-opened exhibit, "Visions of Order and Chaos: The Enlightened Eye," which showcases seldom-seen works from 1750-1850 that show the impact of the Enlightenment and the Revolutionary era. It should be of interest to anyone who cares about the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries--which is probably most of you! The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which has one of the world's best dinosaur exhibits, is part of the same complex and is a great place to amuse children or your inner child.
  • On Saturday morning, there will be a guided visit to the Fort Pitt Historical Museum. This site tells the story of Fort Duquesne/Fort Pitt, where the Seven Years' War started, where George Washington's career began (and almost ended), and where New France met its end. This is the single site in the United States most vital to French and French Colonial history, and should be of great interest to everybody.

Conferencegoers may also be interested in the Senator John Heinz History Center, an exceptionally fine and engaging local history museum located in the funky Strip District. If nothing else, it is undoubtedly the greatest contribution ketchup has ever made to the discipline of history. The Andy Warhol Museum, created from the estate of local boy Andrew Warhola and dedicated to his work, to the art of the 1970s, and to contemporary art that continues that tradition, is also very much worth a visit. It is located on the North Side near PNC Park, home of the perennially disappointing Pittsburgh Pirates.