Click here to learn more about the city's continuing commitment to welcoming immigrants.

Please note:  Because of contractual obligations, we cannot issue refunds after Friday, March 24.

The Society for French Historical Studies has endorsed the American Historical Association's condemnation of the recent Executive Order restricting entry into the United States. Any registrant who is unable to travel to the conference as a direct consequence of these restrictions can request a refund of registration payments by writing to the organizers at sfhs2017@gmail.com.

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Dear SFHS Attendees from Overseas:  

Given the current unsettled and regrettable state of U.S. immigration and visa rules, we feel compelled to share with our foreign colleagues the following advice, compiled by Kathy Finley, Executive Director of the Organization of American Historians.  The suggestions are based on discussions with immigration law professors. The OAH has graciously invited their sister societies to post this advice:

Overall, international travelers need to be well prepared before traveling to the U.S.
1. Be prepared to explain where you are from, why you are coming to the US, where you will be staying, and your plans for departing the US. 
2. Be able to explain who you are, what you do, and the purpose of your conference in one or two sentences. (It is okay to rehearse!).  
3. It is a good idea to have a paper copy of your itinerary and paper evidence of your conference or activities.  
4. Have your papers organized and accessible – not in your checked bag. It is best to have hard copies – don’t assume you can access information on your phone (and it may not be wise to do so).  
5. Be polite, well-mannered, and professionally dressed.  
6. Follow western cultural customs of eye contact. 
7. If you are receiving an honorarium or reimbursement of expenses, you may need to be able to explain how that is within the scope of your visa type and be clear that you are not coming in to the US “to work”. If receiving an honorarium, a pocket letter explaining this may also be wise. 
8. If you have any criminal history, you probably want to consult with an attorney.  
9. If you have traveled to one of the 6 countries listed in the travel ban or have ties to those countries, you probably should consult with an attorney.  
10. Be prepared for delays.

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Registration is now open!  Please navigate to "Registration." 

American University and The George Washington University are pleased to announce that they will be co-hosting the Sixty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for French Historical Studies at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington, D.C. from Thursday, April 20 to Sunday,  April 23, 2017. Lisa Moses Leff (AU) and Katrin Schultheiss (GWU) will serve as co-Presidents of the Society for 2017 and will organize the conference.

This year's conference features a keynote address by Sophia Rosenfeld, a plenary lunch with Jonathan Judaken and Robert Zaretsky discussing the place of French historical studies in the public sphere, and a special panel on the current French presidential elections.  

The program includes panels on all subjects of the history of France, the French Empire, and other Francophone countries, as well as France within a global or transnational framework. Thematic and methodological sessions explore digital humanities, study abroad programs, and French archives.

Conference attendees are invited to register for one of four free guided tours of exhibits at the nearby National Gallery of Art.  NGA curators will lead tours of the museum's collections of 18th-century and 19-century French art, its world-famous Dutch and Flemish galleries, and the new exhibit "Frédéric Bazille and the Birth of Impressionism."

All sessions will be held at the conference hotel, the Washington Court (525 NewJersey Avenue N.W.) which is located right next to Union Station (Washington’s train station; also a Metro station) and walking distance from the Capitol, the Library of Congress and the National Mall. The SFHS has secured a special conference room rate of $179 per night. Please make reservations by March 24 to receive this special rate. The conference program will be posted by February 1.  Registration will be open by that date.

For questions, please contact the conference organizers at sfhs2017@gmail.com.